Welcome to Sci Fi Lady Nerds!

This blog is dedicated to all fans of Sci-fi, from the hardcore to the Sci-curious. We intend it to be a celebrations of Sci-fi through the ages, of TV, film and the written word and in which we’ll be exploring everything from feminist readings of the past to our thoughts on Sci-fi in the future.

We’re going to boldly go where no lady nerds have ever gone before…

Sci-fi Lady Nerds is run by two Australian honours students, named Lauren and Racheal, who really don’t have the time to watch as much television as they do, but still manage to squeeze some daily sci-fi into their busy lives.

Now, let us introduce ourselves:

Racheal: First of all, I’m also a huge fan of horror films, so I’ll be yacking about those a fair bit in addition to sci-fi texts. I’m a shameless child of the 80’s, so expect some flash-back posts which revisit the finer contributions of the era (such as Quantum Leap) as well as some ranting about why ‘reboots’ are ruining the classics (I’ll be talking about you, Colin Farrell).

I’ll probably also talk about books – the genius of Philip K Dick doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves, and I’ll probably end up talking about Steam Punk as well.

Really, I could talk about anything, it depends on the mood of the day and what I’ve been watching, which is Twin Peaks right now, so… you’ve been warned.

Lauren: I’ve been waiting my entire life to tell people how much I love space, so buckle up. I come from a media and communications background with a serving of gender studies on the side, and am currently studying Shakespeare adaptations, so there may be days where I write a post critiquing the representation of the female in Alien (1979), and other days where I will just post an inarticulate mess of words, crying about how much I love Star Wars. I like to keep you on your toes.

I’m also a huge comic book fan, so there may be some discussion about that (and by may be, I mean yes definitely).

So without further ado, enjoy!


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