Terminator Fans… We’re Munted

So… today the bad news has been confirmed, the Terminator franchise reboot has been put on ‘indefinite hold,’ which means we’re left in a new timeline in which John Connor has never been born and Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese are somewhere between romance and the friend-zone.

This is why messing with a franchise or rebooting a franchise is a bad, bad idea. I hated Terminator: Salvation, but at least it kept with the flow of the story. Now, there’s this new white elephant instalment in the room, that I can’t ignore, and I feel like I’m hanging in the wind (or off a bridge, by one arm), facing an uncertain future… but not with hope, only a sense of sadness for what might have been.

You know what this means, right?

The machines have won. The take over will begin in the not too distant future, just as we always knew it would.


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