Two Weeks to Go….

I know you haven’t all been sitting out there all this time, in the silent ether of cyber space, quietly thinking that you’ve subscribed to a sci-fi blog, which has somehow failed to mention the BEST trilogy of sci-fi films ever made…

Surely not! (If you were, shame on you and get out!)

It’s okay guys, I am here to put your minds at ease, we’ve just been biding our time, counting down and holding our horses…

But, there’s only two weeks to go now, so I guess I can finally mention it….


That’s right, the future is finally just about to be here – and we are SO EXCITED!!!

We will be blogging all day on Wednesday, 21st October, as we rewatch all three Back to the Future films (and probably some special features too) back to back and relive all the glory and goodness that is Marty McFly, Emmett Brown, Biff, George, Lorraine and Einstein.

I don’t want to give away too much now, but this is your first reminder to get your flux capacitors fluxing, because in two weeks time, we’re going back… to the future!!


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