Back to the Future: Part 2

The shark still looks fake…

It sure does, and considering it is October 21, 2015 I can also say with confidence that ‘the future’ also looks a little too 80’s. But let’s not hold that against anyone. 

This is still an amazing film, not just among time travel films but films in general. The main thing I love about the second instalment is the way it looks at different time lines and the fact that once you have messed up the present by going to the future, you can only fix it but going to the past. 

Things that are in Back to the Future II that I wish we had in real life:

Self adjusting clothes – my weight fluctuates so much it would be a blessing to know my jackets were always going to fit.

Hover boards – I could probably do the morning commute to work in 20 minutes and it would be less fraught that riding my Vespa in traffic (I’m a nervous rider) however;

Flying cars – would get a lot of drivers off the road and then perhaps I could ride without feeling as if I am taking my life in my hands

** watching this today, I’m way more in love with Biff than I ever used to be. He really is a genius character. 

And now, on with the third – 


One comment

  1. Sahar · October 22, 2015

    Speaking of which, did you hear about the self lacing sneakers that Nike presented to Michael J Fox today?


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