Attack the Block

Happy New Year Sci Fi lovers! I hope you all had a safe and happy holiday break, and saw the new Star Wars movie at least once. I’ve decided I’m not going to make a post about Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens just yet, as I can’t talk about it the way that I want to without dropping spoilers, and I want to give everyone heaps of time to see it. But keep watching this space!

In lieu of a Star Wars post, I thought I would make a post about Attack the Block, a seriously underrated UK sci fi film from 2011. I’ve decided to write about this one because I rewatched it recently because it stars this guy:


I was reminded of how much I enjoyed John Boyega in Attack the Block when he metaphorically charmed my pants off in Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens as Finn, and upon rewatching it, I realised how much I enjoyed EVERYTHING in this film. Thus, on with the show.


Every time I try to explain the premise of this film, I get strange looks. Basically, an alien race of glowing fluffy gorilla dogs invades earth and lands in inner city London, at a block which serves as the home of a gang of teenage hoodlums, and a dainty librarian-looking lady. The hoodlums decide they’re going to defend The Block by fighting the fluffy gorilla dogs, librarian lady gets caught up in the fun, most unlikely team up ever. Its hilarious, its brilliant, and one of the best stand alone sci films I’ve ever seen.


John Boyega plays Moses, the leader of the teen gang. He’s a strong but silent type, often seeming much older than his age (15) and apparently has a history of getting trouble with the wrong people. Along with your wallet and jewelry, he’s going to steal your heart.


Librarian-looking lady is actually a nurse named Sam, who has only lived in the block a few months and is very much an outsider not suited to the kind of lifestyle found in south London. She’s quick to learn though, and is very much more of an advantage than a hindrance to the boys.


The rest of Moses’ gang are all equal parts charming, hilarious, and resourceful. Between them all, the primary weapons used against the aliens are: samurai swords, baseball bats, supersoakers full of gasoline, pizza delivery scooters, and fireworks (honourable mention goes to one of the girlfriends, with a pair of ice skates). I’m not kidding. It’s fucking awesome.


Nick Frost, one of my all time favourite British comedians, also stars in the film as a pot head living in the block who, along with the boys, is really too high to be dealin’ with this shit, man.

This is a seriously good film. Do yourselves a favour and check it out.


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