Happy Valentine’s day!

Much like most of my previous Valentine’s days, I am spending the day with a mud cake and some Victorian era period dramas (usually I go with an upbeat Austen film, but I’m feelin’ a dark Bronte this year). But I thought I would also make a super quick post for you guys, who we both love so much, as this be the day of lovin’. (Yuck, I can’t believe I just said that.) So here is a post about my two favourite sci-fi couples, in no particular order.

Mulder and Scully –

mulder scully

These dorks are here for obvious reasons – one, because they are literally the most well known and most loved couple in sci-fi history, and two, because if I didn’t include them I am 5000% sure Racheal would never speak to me again. I haven’t seen all of The X Files yet, but from what I have seen, in addition to the internet and Racheal’s extensive knowledge, they are without a doubt the most adorkable nerds to ever make heart eyes at each other. Or rather, Mulder makes heart eyes, and Scully rolls her eyes.

scully eye roll

There is just something about their unspoken love for each other that hits you right in the guts. I’m a total sucker for slow build relationships so Mulder and Scully’s YEARS of tension, coupled with David and Gillian’s chemistry make for one of the most powerful relationships in tv history, let alone in sci-fi.

Han and Leia –


I grew up with Han and Leia. We had episodes IV, V and VI on VHS, so they were the original power couple for me. Leia herself has always been a favourite character of mine, so seeing her fall in love with that scruffy looking nerf herder, formative influence doesn’t even begin to cover it. Their snippy comments, their exasperation with each other, their eye-rolling, and you can still see how much they absolutely adore each other. Nerds, the both of them.


Other Star Wars couples that deserve an honourable mention: Anakin + Padme, R2D2 + C3PO, Luke + Wedge, Finn + Poe, Rey + world domination, Jar Jar Binks + death, Captain Phasma + me.

I hope you guys all have a great day, stay excellent! Xoxo


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