Comic Con – Part 1


It the most wonderful time of the year! San Diego Comic Con! The weekend where all of your nerd dreams come true, and your cinema viewing schedule for the next 5-10 years is sorted. There are cosplays, special effects demos, cool famous people hanging out with other cool famous people, and if you’re one of the lucky ducks attending the event, there is a meet and greet with your fav at best, and a swag of merch at worst.

Yay, Comic Con!

This post will be the first of two about Comic Con. In this one I’m going to list all of the things I’m hoping to see/have announced this year, and the second post will be after Comic Con (next weekend – July 21st to 24th), a recap of events, and what I loved/hated.

Ready? Ok!

Warner Bros. panel –

I can tell you right now the Warner Bros. panel alone is going to add 10+ years to my life span. The main focus of the 2 hour panel is going to be Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad. This means that it is highly likely we will be getting the first official trailer for Wonder Woman. I am so keen. SO KEEN. I am going to annoy everyone around me with how keen I am. I am just so excited that this film is finally happening, and what little I’ve seen of sneak peaks and set pics so far, I am confident that its going to live up to expectations. Exceed them, even. Diana’s cameo in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice was incredible, and dispelled any doubts I had about her film adaptation or the casting of Gal Gadot. The fact that we are getting an entire movie, just of her, is a dream come true, as I’m sure the film will make little girls all over the world dreams come true. Her solo outing is long overdue.

In addition to this, there are rumours that the cast of the Justice League will make a surprise visit at the panel, which means its also likely that we may get a sneak peak at that too, since the film is currently in the middle of production.

Marvel Studios panel –

Not going to lie, I don’t really have high expectations for Marvel’s panel this year. I would love some more news about Thor 3 Ragnarok, but as it has just commenced production on the Gold Coast (sadly many hours away from me, no opportunity for scoping out the set) I doubt there will be any visits from the cast, or any footage. Ultimately I would love the entire panel to be about Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (fingers crossed for a trailer!) but I think the main focus will be on Doctor Strange, and the new Spider Man solo film, and honestly I don’t know which one bores me more. Hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised and will be able to give you guys a “I Love Marvel Again” post.

Power Rangers panel –

I don’t think I’ve made a post about how excited I am about the fact that Power Rangers is getting a film reboot in 2017, which is remiss of me, because I’m really excited. I promise to make a post about it once we know a bit more, because as of yet there hasn’t been much news except for a casting announcement and a group promo pic. Hopefully that will change after Comic Con because they do have a panel, and we are sure to get some kind of sneak peak.

American Gods panel –

You may have heard that they are making Neil Gaiman’s book, fan favourite American Gods into a TV series. Word on the street is there will be a preview of what to expect in the upcoming season, and several members of the main cast will be in attendance. Heck yes!

Star Trek panel –

2016 marks the 50th anniversary of the series premiering, so its sure to be quite the party. This panel is not for the reboot film being released later this month, but for the older series’ as well as the upcoming TV series, hitting screens in 2017, produced by one of my favourite people of all time, Bryan Fuller.
What are you guys most looking forward to? Are any of you attending? Stay tuned for Part 2 after Comic Con!


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